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Purchasing .060 & .090 Plas-Tex® Interior Wall Panels

Where can I purchase Plas-Tex®?

In many parts of the country Plas-Tex® interior wall panels are available at Home Depot, Lowe's & Menard's retail stores. All Do-It-Best member stores carry or can special order our products.

Can I coil up Plas-Tex® to bring it home from the store?

Yes! Plas-Tex® panels may be coiled up to fit in your vehicle for short periods of time. After you get them home, lay them on a horizontal surface so that they can regain full flatness. This may take up to 24 hours.

Are there moldings available for Poly-Wall™?

Plas-Tex® Poly-Wall™ is about .060" (1/16") thick and is easily installed with caulked seams. Many retail stores carry rigid PVC moldings that may be used with Plas-Tex® Poly-Wall™.

How much of Plas-Tex® is recycled?

Over 95% of the plastic in our product is reclaimed post-industrial scrap that would otherwise go to landfills.

Is Plas-Tex® really 100% waterproof?

Yes! And its waterproof all the way through!

Do the Plas-Tex® colors always match?

As with all manufacturing, slight color shifts can occur from lot to lot. Be sure to buy all the panels you need for your project at one time.

Where to use .060 & .090 Plas-Tex® Interior Wall Panels

Can I use Plas-Tex® outside?

Plas-Tex® interior wall panels are designed for interior use only.

Can I line my garage with Plas-Tex®?

Because of the thermal expansion rate of the recycled plastic used in Plas-Tex®, applications must be in the temperature controlled parts of a building or residence.

Adhesives & Caulking for .060 & .090 Plas-Tex® Interior Wall Panels

I can't find the adhesives listed on the Plas-Tex® label.

If you have difficulty locating one of the adhesives listed on our literature and back label, call us at 800-835-4110 and we will help you find some.

Why Can't I glue Plas-Tex® to nonporous walls?

Plas-Tex® interior wall panels must be applied with latex adhesive. For latex adhesive to cure, the water carrier must be removed. As the water can't go through our panel, the wall surface must be absorptive, so that the adhesive cures to a strong bond.

Can I use adhesive in tubes to install Plas-Tex®?

All recommended glues for .060" & .090" Plas-Tex® interior wall panels are trowel style latex adhesives. Plas-Tex® requires a continuous adhesive bond.

Can I install Plas-Tex® with solvent based adhesive?

Adhesives that contain flammable vapors are not recommended for installing .060" & .090" Plas-Tex® interior wall panels.

Can I install Plas-Tex® with rivets or screws?

Rivets or other mechanical fasteners may be added after installation with a recommended adhesive to meet specific building requirements. Ensure that sufficient space is allowed around all fastener shanks to allow for movement.

Should I use any Caulk with Plas-Tex®?

For a watertight installation, we recommend the use of 100% silicone caulking with our interior wall finishes.

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